Due Diligence


The Legal Due Diligence, is due diligence concerned with the legal matters of a company, business deal or agreement, or a financial transaction, for making it optimally safe, secure, privileged, and profitable legally and otherwise.

Discover and evaluate all legal advantages, risks, uncertainties, and pitfalls in the legal aspects of these things, are the main purpose of the legal due diligence. For example, for the acquisition purpose the legal due diligence would make a comprehensive evaluation of all possible legal risks related with the company status, assets, securities, contracts and leases, debts, intellectual property, market/commercial situations, pending and potential lawsuits, customer and distribution agreements, employment contracts, compensation arrangements, and many more things of the target company.The main and most important objectives of legal due diligence, are to gather all law related information about an individual, company, or business deal in question; to uncover and assess its/their legal strengths and weaknesses; to evaluate the risks and advantages associated with a business transaction legally; to minimize legally the possible and unexpected risks; and to make a business deal or financial transaction most safe and profitable.

Effective Business Strategies

Clients value our innovative approach and high degree of individualized attention. Our goal is to deliver superior service, earn your trust and build our relationship. Together with our clients, we have been involved in a number of market. Our knowledge and experience enable us to devise creative deal structures, win auctions, design acquisition and disposal programs and implement productive strategies for acquirers, sellers or acquisition targets.

The products, transaction structures and commercial solutions we have developed give our clients a competitive edge in the implementation of their business strategy, whether in the optimization of their investments, gaining access to new and competitive sources of financing or in addressing the risks they face in an ever more complex legal, regulatory and operating environment.

Legal Due Diligence is extensive and vital in the following areas

  • Business Transactions and Deals
  • Commercial and Corporate Finance
  • Company Law Affairs.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A)
  • Capital Markets and Private Equity
  • Information Technology & E-commerce
  • In Commercial Property Dealings
  • CSR Projects
  • Startup Projects

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